Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Secrets behind Iffy Magic Art

Today I am going to share secrets behind the creation of the book cover and book trailer!

Secret #1: The wings on the book cover are REAL.

Okay, so the wings are made of fabric and wire, but the pattern overlaying the wings comes from a Pearl Morpho butterfly. Specifically, from this photo I took many years ago at a museum:

Secret #2: You can catch a tiny glimpse of Prim's wings, which she trades to the Glass Dryad for passage into the Mortal Vale, in the book trailer. I have highlighted them in a red circle:

 Secret #3: There is a bit of Fargo hidden in the book trailer!

I sent my fabulous illustrator/animator Audrey Bagley a picture of frost climbing my window during winter, and she came up with the genius idea to use it as a hidden texture throughout the book trailer. For example, the frost texture was used to give the star sapphire coregem depth: 

*Stay tuned next week to discover the origin of the unicorn Geomar, my favorite equine Don Quixote!

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