True Gossamer: A Wingless Fairy Tale

 "A delightful story about the power of friendship."

-Author Elizabeth Raum

 “The story is very sweet and I loved the message throughout about looking inside of you to what truly matters . . . An adorable and engaging book that will show children what true friendship is as well as putting a little magic into their lives.”

—Whispering Stories

 A Fair Account of the Traitors Snow White and Rose Red

"An intricate plot, a gorgeous fairy tale setting, beautiful writing, compelling characters—this novel was everything I want in a fairy tale retelling…and more!...If you’re looking for a fluffy, romantic fairy tale…this isn’t it. This is the dark, creepy, dangerous kind." 
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"In a word? Stunning. From the very beginning, it is crystal clear that the reader is in for a unique story. Its storytelling style is quite unlike anything I’ve read.[...]The magic is also...vibrant and creative. Some of the most exquisite and ferocious magic I’ve ever seen."
-Author and Artist H. S. J. Williams 

“Heart stopping! You weave such a spell, so intimate, so precious, so violent... so much power and emotion roiling under the surface, between these two sisters.” -Wattpad Reader

"I'm pretty sure I died about fifteen times during the reading of this book. No, no, I'm okay. I'M NOT OKAY WHAT THE HECK WAS THIS HEEEEELP MEEEEE" -Goodreads Review 
Stealing the Dark Moon

"S.E. Page combines everything that's captivating about fairy tales with the need to belong . . . The characters are endearing, amazingly written, and will completely melt your heart."

- Five Star review from Readers’ Favorite

Iffy Magic

"Queen Calypso, a character in Iffy Magic: Confessions of a Faux Fairy Godmother, describes the 'Motley crew of vagabonds' who inhabit the story:  'We have a stray Lord of Feles, an Elder unicorn, a faux fairy godmother and a wicked fairy . . . all working together to create unparalleled mischief.'

But more than mischief, these vagabonds create a delightful team of eccentrics who use their magic to create an intriguing plot, an enchanting world—and great fun for the reader. The plot may take the Cinderella story for its inspiration, but the wonderful characters, ingenious plot and unfailing writing style make for a more layered, evocative and entertaining story than the original tale ever achieved.

S. E. Page is a skilled stylist [. . .] Her descriptions, her clever language, her funny insights, create a voice that holds and charms the reader with every sentence.  Readers of all ages will come to love Primrose Goodwing, the would-be fairy godmother, and the magical world she lives in."

—Author Dean Hughes

"With dashes of Cinderella, sprinkles of The Little Mermaid, and a lot of creative imagination, Iffy Magic presents a story that is both familiar and new at the same time [. . .] I loved the magic system used in Iffy Magic. This is yet another author taught by Brandon Sanderson who really caught the vision of how to make an interesting, workable, and clearly-defined magic system. It is consistent, and it required very little direct explanation for the reader to understand. Page wove it well into the story."

"Fun characters, action, humor and mystery abound in this unique fairy tale. I hesitate to call it a retelling of Cinderella, because it's a completely new take with brilliant twists and turns."
Author of I AM SLEEPLESS: Sim 299

"An often surprising, always magical romp through a fairytale you wish would never end. With an incredible opening containing just the right amount of intrigue and despair to hold a reader fast, S.E. Page sets the pace and introduces the world of Iffy Magic in one deft move."
"The creativity of this story is what set it apart from other retellings; it was different enough from the Cinderella story that we all know that it wasn’t boring or predictable, it looked more closely at the magical elements that control the story and the rules behind them. It also took a step back from the romance and kept at least one foot firmly planted in the realm of common sense, which was especially good!  [. . .]  I recommend this book to fairytale fans, especially those that love a good unicorn!

"Quirkiest Pixie Alive!" —Amazon Reviewer

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