Monday, November 26, 2018

In the Waiting

So the end of the year is fast approaching! I am not where I hoped to be in terms of my writing goals. But I do feel like 2018 really challenged me to grow as a writer, and I have gained new confidence from joining critique groups as I attempt new ink adventures.

Here is 2018's project tally:

  • Published Stealing the Dark Moon
  • Currently revising A Fair Account of Snow White and Rose Red, waiting on illustrations for True Gossamer. Hopefully both books will be ready by next summer!
  •  Writing new sci fi manuscript, tentatively titled Cosmortalis. I hope to have this done by August 2018. 

I recently discovered music artist Kina Grannis and fell in love with her songs, especially "In the Waiting."

In this song, she realizes that "life is in the waiting:" The tiny minutia, twilights and quiet in-betweens, they all give depth and breadth to our existence. I am still learning the gratitude and peace that comes with this acknowledgement . . . if not the patience!