Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Snow White and Rose Red Art

Need some fantastical wallpaper art for your computer? Got you covered! I am thrilled to share the fabulous cover art by Audrey Bagley for the paperback of A Fair Account of the Traitors Snow White and Rose Red--

Also, I happy to share my amateur attempts at a map of the Kingdom Isles, or planet Earth after the Starfall:

Windows Paint, my childhood friend:

And then there is my even earlier artistic attempt at this fairy tale!😄

Saturday, March 9, 2019

A Fair Account of the Traitors Snow White and Rose Red

I am thrilled to announce the release of my third foray into the world of fairy tales, A Fair Account of the Traitors Snow White and Rose Red! I absolutely adore the gorgeous cover by Audrey Bagley:

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No one hates Snow White more than her younger half sister, Rosavere. Not since a star broke the world a thousand years ago and cursed humans with Grand Banes—powers never meant to be theirs—has there been a more traitorous tale. Snow murdered their father and was executed for her crime by Queen Estelle. But Rose’s world is shattered when an ageless Snow reappears eleven years later and tries to assassinate the Queen.

After a mysterious golden bear aids Snow’s escape, Rose vows revenge on the ghost that still haunts her family. She hunts Snow across Albemar only to fall into the hands of a far more dangerous creature—Jack, a young man from a race of elves long thought extinct. Claiming the Queen enslaves elven children to create youth elixirs, Jack resolves to trade Rose’s life to Snow to save the last of his kind.

Both loyalty and vengeance waver when Rose discovers that a mirror forged from the Starfall may have warped Queen Estelle into a cunning monster. She must decide where her true allegiance lies . . . with the mother she’s loved all her life, or the enigmatic half sister she barely knows. The closer Rose gets to the mirror, the more she realizes that generations of her family are tangled in its reflection—and the price to free them all will shatter far more than glass.

My star-crossed retelling blends the more well-known tale of Snow White, the huntsman, and the poison apple with the lesser known tale of Snow White and her little sister Rose Red, the dwarf and the enchanted bear. I started inking this frost-laced story in 2012, and it spent many years on the sea of submissions. I am proud after years of multitudinous rejections and rigorous revisions to finally present it to readers. I owe many thanks to my little sister Mary for her grueling revision sessions that helped me to polish this fallen star to a shine. I hope you enjoy Rosavere and Snow White's misadventures!

*Stay tuned for more beautiful cover art.