Wednesday, February 26, 2020

True Story

I am in the process of organizing several poetry chapbooks, and while dusting off a file of old poems from my 2013 graduate poetry class, I found this ridiculous little gem! It's a "break up" poem with Iffy Magic . . . you know, the first novel I ever went on to self-publish!

Iffy Magic

True Story

I try to break it to you gently
Without ellipses
Or time to let the ink splatter.
I can’t be with you anymore

Please don’t linger or make a scene
Like a melodramatic Em dash queen.
Don’t think of me too harshly
Just because I promised you
A prime spot on the book shelf
Behind the glass panes 
Of the oak vanity cabinet.

Honey, get real!
After 3 years of revisions
A pile of rejection letters
Leaning like the Tower of Pisa,
Not even an agent can save
This “thing” between us.

Now, don’t you dare interrobang
I’m not saying what we had
Was nothing, but maybe
It was altogether too much.
You consumed me
Chapter, comma, and semicolon
I just can’t keep cutting and pasting
My soul to flesh your pages.

Did I ever tell you how
I almost scrawled your name
On my bank check once?
I forgot my own signature
True story.
But it’s mine, not yours,
And I’ve got to write it
With somebody else now.

Evening Primrose Goodwing

Bye . . .

*I'm really glad I didn't give up on Prim. Now to finish Regalia's adventures! #2020 goals