Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Know your Fairy Magics!

Did you ever wonder why Cinderella had a strict midnight curfew and all the magic evaporated at 12 o'clock sharp? I did, and thus Primrose and her mortifying little problem was born!

In Iffy Magic, there are two main types of fairy magic: ephemera and glamour. Ephemera by their very name are short-lived enchantments that evaporate at midnight, while a proper fairy glamour lasts as long as the spell caster wishes. Unfortunately for Prim, she has only ever been able to cast measly ephemera. Too bad the standardized Fairy Godmother Test requires a Practical Glamour demonstration . . . .

There is also a third, higher and most exceedingly rare type of fairy enchantmentmirror magic. But this type of magic requires a fairy to peer deep into the inmost soul of a human and reflect what is there. The product of such a powerful spell is usually impervious to other enchantments, making mirror magic objects highly coveted in both the Mortal and Faerie Vales. Yet no new mirror magic has been done since the forging of Excalibur 500 years ago.

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