Monday, April 6, 2020

Seraphina Sapphira Says: Iffy Magic the Audio Adventure!

Introducing my YouTube story show Seraphina Sapphira Says, because every horrendously introverted writer needs a condescending princess persona to share their tales! While my original plan was to make an audiobook, my technical expertise kept falling short of the requisite perfection. But then I decided that Seraphina Sapphira would be a much more fun way to bring the ink-stained misadventures of Iffy Magic to life. And besides, who doesn't want an excuse to gussy up in rhinestone tiaras and bling?! My goal is to improve the voices and audio experience with every chapter so that I can make each character even more delicious for the imagination.

Seraphina Sapphira will be reading aloud episodes of Iffy Magic each week. She will probably share Dragon's Den Orphanage after that. Hope you enjoy!