Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Day of Dragondom I: Stealing the Dark Moon Launch

I am proud to kick off the Three Days of Dragondom with the official release of my next novel, Stealing the Dark Moon: Dragon’s Den Orphanage Volume I!

Fourteen-year-old Foxkit plays with fire by striking a bargain with the ferocious dragon Aerohim: Let six runaway orphans hide in his den in Galefang forest, and they will help him find a lost artifact in his vast treasure hoard. But the longer they search, the more Kit hopes they’ll never find it as the dragon’s den becomes the home he never had. 

Kit’s wish is threatened when Aerohim starts growing weaker by the day and a mysterious girl, Sheen, warns him their dragon is dying. Sheen promises to heal Aerohim in exchange for one little thing from the hoard—the Dark Moon, a talon that once belonged to the powerful ancestor of all dragons.

But Sheen isn’t the only one hunting that ancient relic. Lord Ash, a fallen unicorn that harvests magic bones from other creatures to replace his broken horn, storms the Galefang. Not wanting harm to come to the only one that has ever treated him like family, Kit must decide whether or not to steal the Dark Moon. Steal it, and lose Aerohim’s trust forever—but just maybe save his life.
Now available on Amazon in ebook and print.

*If you buy the paperback, you can get the ebook for free. The same deal now applies to Iffy Magic, too.

Stay tuned for more dragon surprises tomorrow!

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