Friday, May 24, 2024

A Slow Summer Song

I had hoped to have the first draft of Agent Regalia finished by May 31st. Alas! I have this nasty habit of writing chapters that become too long and require expansion into new chapters. While the novel was originally supposed to be about 75k words, it will probably be closer to 100k by the time I am finished with it! I have about 6 chapters and 30k words to go. 

My present plan is to finish the full draft by the end of June, spend July and August revising it, and send it off onto the wild sea of submissions in September. 

Part of the reason this WIP is taking me so long to finish is the sheer amount of crazy random research required for each individual chapter. Wedding fashion and customs, the frozen nitrogen heart of Pluto, blue sulfur fires on volcanoes, Brutalist architecture, enhydro crystals . . . this is a love story! But not just Regalia's love story. It's also my life-long love affair with science fiction and Star Wars, Star Trek, and Star Gate, etc. Everything I love about the zany, imaginative freedom of an adventure in space.  

I hope I can ink it right.

I hope I can write it. 

I'm grateful for all the pixie claps from family, friends, and my amazing SCBWI group that keep me chasing after Regalia. 



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