Monday, January 8, 2024

Locket and Clover

When I was a very little child, someone gave me a Valentine's Day card in school. I absolutely loved the two girls with frilly dresses and luxurious hair pictured on the card. I didn't know back then that they were "Maiden CurlyCrown" and "Maiden FairHair" from the Lady Lovely Locks series, so I called the golden-haired girl "Locket," and the brunette, "Clover."

I would make up imaginary adventures for them, and even after I lost the worn-out card, I never forgot them. Neither did my mother! Many years later, my mom gave me a birthday card with two regal golden and brunette-haired ladies, and told me it was "Locket and Clover all grown up." 

This made me super happy, and I framed the second card and took it with me through repeated moves. 

Well, 2024 started out with a stelliferous surprise! Thanks to a random Facebook post on the Lovely Locks series that led me to Etsy...I found them. The original card that inspired my Locket and Clover daydreams.

It's a wonderful, rare thing to rediscover a little childhood magic!

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