Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Chasing the Jabberwock

2021 is almost halfway done, and where am I with all my vaguely creative endeavors? Tally time:

*I wrote a children's story at the beginning of the year, A Very Quiet Monster, which I sent off on submission to a few places. 

*I published True Gossamer! I adore the whimsy Bonnie Bishop's illustrations bring to the fairy story.

*I'm currently reworking the draft of my MG scifi novel, Bad Species, and plan to submit a manuscript sample to the SCBWI A. Orr Grant on May 31st because dreams are good for me but deadlines are even better (for sharpening my revision powers!)

*I'm signing up for the 50th SCBWI Summer Conference today, so that should be inktacular fun!

*In June I start writing Agent Regalia exclusively. I've been tinkering with the plot and characters, and it's finally time to throw myself into the story head over heels. My working motto for that story is: "Keep it weird. Keep it wondrous."

*I still need to record half of my Iffy Magic episodes for my YouTube audio adventure Seraphina Saphhira Says. And then it will be time for the dragon dreams of Foxkit and Aerohim . . .

In my twenties, I would have allowed myself to get mired in discouragement when my writing ambitions failed to materialize on my pre-imagined schedule of literary brilliancy. But now that I am just a couple years shy of forty, I don't have time for extended wallowing! Yeah I'm already too tired for that. 

I'm writing because I want to and for no other rational reason. Sure, I get depressed sometimes when I can tell my writing stinks and needs revision, but . . . I don't lose hope for long anymore. I slog through the sentences and try to remember the ultimate power of the Jabberwocky!

Lewis Caroll's nonsense poem "The Jabberwocky" is a magnificent experience, but diced into individual lines, the reader would never be able to grasp the overall crazy vision and splendorous thrill of the work. So I remind myself that I'm chasing my own Jabberwock every time I pursue perfection in my weird and wondrous beast of a draft, that "manxome foe!" 


True Gossamer Art by Bonnie Bishop

So don't give up, my fellow sesquipedalians! And if you need some sparklestarsome inspiration, enjoy this lyrical interpretation of the Jabberwocky by Erutan.

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