Monday, August 31, 2020

Look what one rock can do

So 2020 is the bad dream that keeps on giving. I am aghast at the sorrow in my home country, and the world, at social injustice, racism and political corruption. I fear that the November election will end in massive civil unrest. I don't know if my vote will even be counted, but I will vote for Biden and Harris.

Meanwhile, I can feel myself fading a little more with each year. Age and ache eat my heart out. I remember as a teenager waiting for the bus and staring at a bright moon in the early blue sky burning like a coin. How that moon fire cut me to the quick! Now I find myself snapping at embers and wondering if I was only ever shadow dreaming of soul. 

But I gather strength from this little stubborn rock that braved flooding from the Red River:

Against the overwhelming muck, 
the stone stood firm and made a pattern 
of cracks and light,
 proving even one little rock 
has power 
in itself.

1 comment:

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