Thursday, June 28, 2018

Writing Experiment: Agent Regalia

Breaking my arm really messed with my writing plans this year, but I suddenly find myself at that point when I am out of valid excuses for why I have not started my next story. While I am finishing last revisions of my Snow White Rose Red tale, I can finally tackle my new scifi project! Calling it "Cyborg" for short.

Starting a new story is like standing on the edge of a pier staring into a wide harbor and trembling at the might of the breakers, and the wideness of the churning waters, and how far the journey will take me from firm ground. But there is also nothing better than that first breath of freedom!

I have decided to approach my writing projects a little differently this time. While I will diligently plan my main Cyborg story down to the nitty gritty details, I am going to allow myself one hour of free-writing a day for another scifi fantasy project: Agent Regalia.

I don't want to give any hints on the plot yet, but I will say Regalia's story arose from watching way too much Say Yes to the Dress while I was dosed up on pain killers after breaking my arm. Here's hoping I can turn this year's misfortune into a lucky break (Not apologizing for the pun, I earned it!).

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