Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Glass Dryad

A tree witch, the Glass Dryad's true name has been lost to time. She is notorious throughout the Faerie Vale as a dark sage who helps both villain and hero for the right price. But she rarely barters in coin, instead demanding anything from trash or shiny trinket to whatever you treasure most. She stores her trade goods in glass witch balls suspended from the branches of her head. A "shady lady," her power is so great that not even the Faerie Queen Calypso dares challenge her dealings.

The song in the book trailer belongs to the Glass Dryad. These are her lyrics:

“Who will buy my baubles fair
Made of glass and stillborn air?
What will you trade to cheat death? 
I can sell you life’s lost breath.
Why tremble at trinkets I bid you pay?
Worse pain lies in throwing heart away.
Don’t let your true wish fade and fall
Pay my price to heed dream’s call.
Beware; be you bold, lovely or clever—
Happy endings I promise, never.”

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