Thursday, July 28, 2016

Evening Primrose Goodwing

Prim is the only fairy with a living birthstar. Tradition demands that a star fall and die the hour a fairy is born, but hers refused to burn away. She keeps her shame secret in a glass locket, but nothing can hide her failure as a Goodwing. The illustrious Goodwing line of godmothers has turned guttersnipes into sultans and milkmaids into princesses for generations.

Yet Prim has never been able to conjure a true glamouronly weakling "ephemera," magic that evaporates at midnight. But she isn't ready to surrender her dream of becoming a fairy godmother just yet! Not even if the penalty for impersonating a fairy godmother is having her magic stripped and spending 100 years in a pond as a guppy.

Not even if her dream means losing her wings

And taking on a human form . . . .

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