Thursday, September 2, 2021

September Goals


Hurrah for September! It's my b-day month, and the SCBWI Dakotas 2021 Fall Conference is coming up soon. Assuming I can free my hand from cat hugs, I plan to send Bad Species off on the sea of submissions in a few weeks. I think it's been at least FIVE years since I've tried querying a novel, and I'm honestly kind of excited to see where my stories take me now . . . until I hit the reefs of rejection! I'm ready. 

I've been sharing poems I wrote a long time ago on Wattpad for fun, and I think this one suits my mood perfectly:

The Swallowtail

 Undaunted by the scorner’s scoffs,

The nosy earwig, or the multi-pedian

Myriapods of discontent—


Believed in flying.

 Her essence distilled in threads,

Tender-binding, silken strands

That wrapped her plump, ember-body

Round and true (As a seed).

 Moon and sun orbited her cocoon,

Stars trailed by in a milky gauze;

A new world evolved within a Word.

At last,

Lucency called her out.

So, leaving the ground behind

For the bliss of air-spent ways—

 She gave her grace to wings.