Friday, February 9, 2018

Winter blues and Cyber Stars

So at the end of January I broke my arm in my driveway after slipping on black ice.

My writing goals have been shoved to the side for the last few weeks, but I hope to tackle the revisions of my Snow White Rose Red tale a little bit each day. It's amazing how tedious typing becomes with one hand. But I've become so accustomed to a digital writing process that a paper notebook quickly becomes a black hole of  illegible ink scribbles. Time to stretch my brain into new ways of processing creative energy!

On a happier note, I am thrilled to share a five star review of Stealing the Dark Moon from Readers' Favorite. I even get this spiffy web medal:

"S.E. Page combines everything that's captivating about fairy tales with the need to belong . . . The characters are endearing, amazingly written, and will completely melt your heart."

-Liz Konkel, Readers' Favorite